Kibbutz Eilot
​An unusual trip, which takes you on a journey of the most southern kibbutz in the world, surrounded by beautiful landscapes, desert and sea. The story of Kibbutz Eilot, the Yitzhak Rabin terminal - the Jordan border crossing, the blossoming of palm trees. The tale of Irac and how the dates were brought to the country.finally we will taste the juicy mjhoul dates and drink a refreshing cocktail.
Kibbutz Ramat Rachel, Jerusalem
An agricultural experience at the only resort hotel in Jerusalem. Discover the story of nature and the integration of man and agriculture in the environment. Embark on a unique journey to familiarize yourself with kibbutz agriculture in the Jerusalem hills, and adapt it to the technology and methods of growth and marketing of the 21st century. There are several of tours to the cherry orchard, a tour of the bee hives and the olive grove.
Agricutrual tour Ramat Rachel
Kibbutz Ortal , Golan heigths
The northern landscape of Kibbutz Ortal invites you to professional agricultural tours in the northern Golan Heights. Kibbutz Ortal was founded in 1978 and has 107 members. A communal kibbutz, agricultural in nature. Our main agricultural branches: quality vineyards, apple orchards, cherries, peaches and nectarines, cattle and cowshed.
Kibbutz Magal
A tour of the kibbutz offers a tour of the past and present, a visit to Netafim's greenhouses park, a walk to watch the orchards and the area, an explanation of coexistence and a visit to the Masik Magal factory store and lunch in the kibbutz dining room.

Agriculture Tours