For the Environment - Igudan Rishon LeZion

Did you know that in western Rishon Lezion lies the largest ecological visitors center in Israel? An experiential center that offers fascinating tours of the world of water recycling, which operates at the heart of the largest water recycling plant in the Middle East - the Shafdan. The new visitors center is committed to expanding environmental education and instilling values ​​of water saving and turning the nuisance into a resource under the title: "Returning to nature with love." The guided tour is accompanied by a certified guide and  a presentation. The Igudan Visitor Center invites you to host your next conference, seminar, sucial event, at the fully equipped conference center.

Naharayim at Gesher - Bridges of Vision

A site combining Zionism with vision and practice. Guided tours and a large, unusual dynamic representation that combines dams, water, sounds and color, tells how an arid desert turned into a symbol for the realization of the vision and development of Israeli industry in the Land of Israel. after which, tourists could visit the underground bunker used by the members of the kibutz.
A variety of unusual tours that will take you into the story of Isarel's Agriculture Industry's development, filled with a variety of high-quality industries of world renown; From apples to cattle, vineyards, technology and methods of cultivation and marketing of the 21st century. From Kibbutz Eilot in the far south, through Kibbutz Ramat Rachel in Jerusalem and Kibbutz Magal near Hadera to Kibbutz Ortal in the Golan Heights. Join us and explore the country, an Israeli pride

Agriculture tours in various Kibbutzim acros Israel

Zionist Agriculture - Kibbutz Magal

The tour begins with a visit to Netafim's greenhouses park, where the technological achievements in the fields of precision irrigation and creative agriculture are plenty. A fascinating tour following Netafim's story: the glass greenhouse, the hanging strawberry hothouse, the African experience and more. We will then walk to the observation points and the kibbutz orchards. Looking west you can see the northern coastal plain to Netanya and if we look east we will see the separation fence and a number of Palestinian communities. Masik Magal - Zionism, agriculture and Israeli high-tech.

Attractions and Experiences

Hebrew Music Museum - Jerusalem

Meet music from a differnet prespective in a special museum located in the heart of Jerusalem and is the only interactive music museum of its kind in Israel. The museum exhibits ancient and rare musical instruments from different periods in history and from the vast Diaspora of the Jewish people, which are displayed along an experiential tour accompanied by innovative technological means. The tour takes place in an impressive architectural structure with 7 halls designed according to the different cultures presented in it. Central Asia, Morocco and Andalusia, Iraq, Syria and Egypt, Europe and Ashkenaz, Balkan, Africa, Ethiopia and Yemen and Hebrew space.

TLV show, an Adventure of a life time - Tel Aviv

Part show with great actors, part group tour on-foot and part scavenger hunt game - the TLV SHOW, an adventure you must experience first handed. TLV SHOW is a new and exciting way to experience Tel Aviv - while walking the most beautiful neighborhoods of the city along with a small group; you will take part in a mysterious adventure which surrounds you wherever you turn.

Lazarovitz Home - An exciting historical Israeli experience

What has a man left with of his parents' home and his childhood?
Memories, images and sights, sounds and smells that awaken his youth every day anew. Join a guided, fascinating and special tour of the Atlit refugee camp, visit the Lazarowitz Home and watch the moving film "Tzadik as Tamar Yifrach" that casts a special and inspiring light on the Lazarovitz family. A story of a Jewish family in Palestine before the establishment of the State of Israel.

Bravery in the Golan Heights - Oz 77

Valley of Tears that became the Valley of the Blessing. An audiovisual show that presents the story of heroism in the Battle of Emek HaBakha which gives an emotional dimension to every trip in the Golan Heights. To the east of Kibbutz Elrom, in the Golan Heights, occured Israel's most difficult battle since the establishment of the State of Israel was the decisive battle for the fate of the Yom Kippur War. This is a lesson in the history and legacy of the IDF army that emphasizes the fighters' strength, willpower, and the personal example.

Desert Escape - a fun Navigation Game in the desert

recommended for groups or individuals on the way to Eilat. This special orienteering game, created by the Linzenberg family of “Nof Zuqim”, offers a fun, educational, team-building activity between desert slopes and acacia trees. It is suitable and recommended for groups of all sizes and ages. The activity takes place in the land surrounding the settlement Zuqim and lasts about two hours. It is possible to play in both Hebrew and English and it is possible to make adjustments to suit the size of any group.

ZUZU - urban tourism - Jerusalem & Tel-Aviv

Visit the beauty of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv in a way you have never seen before. Tours and inspirations in the two most important and wonderful cities of Israel. With ZUZU you will find that visits to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem can be completely different. Zuzu offers the largest variety of content tours: The train of surprises, the secrets of the windmill, an underground tour of the Temple Mount, Escape Parks, a Segway tour of the Biblical Zoo and the Safari, Geopolitical tour, entrepreneurship and start-ups tours, graffiti tours and more. Zuzu has been awarded the highest ratings on Tripadvisor. Human encounters are fascinating with the characters that make the cities a human street theater. Fascinating stories behind the scenes, opening of mysterious doors. All tours are passed on with great passion by professional and experienced guides.

Porat Farm - a unique Visitors Center and Bee Museum

Porat farm is one of the first farms in southern Israel - Arava. Visitors will learn about the success story of life in the desert. An unusual story about beekeeping and honey production, agriculture, art and pioneering. Come visit the farm where it all started and experience the settlement in the Arava first hand. A tour of the Ein Yahav hives, the Bee Museum, the Sculpture Garden and the Porat Mound. You will see a fascinating film about the wonderful world of the bee, including a visit in the special Bee Museum where you will see transparent hives where honey is made and taste honey from a variety of different tastes.

History of Israel - The Time Elevator, Jeruslaem

Have you ever wanted to travel back in time, even for just a singel moment? The Time Elevator invites you to exprience 3000 years of history in an exciting way, using motion based sitting, Visual effects, spectacular scenery and three large screens! furthermore, the elevator offers the experiences of traveling to exotic countries and cities, a trip to the center of the earth, a tour in outer space, a journey in a tiny capsule through the human body, and a voyage to the future. A multi-sensory adventure to destinations you could have only dream of  before.