for the glory of Golan Heights
We will begin the morning with a professional agricultural tour of Kibbutz Ortal.
Kibbutz Ortal was founded in 1978 and has 107 members. A collective kibbutz, agricultural in nature.its main agricultural industries: quality vineyards, apple orchards, cherry, peaches and nectarines, flowers, cattle and cowshed, and chicken coops.There is also a tourist site with wooden cabins and guest rooms.​
"The Valley of Tears" - an audiovisual show that presents the stories of heroism in the Battle of the Valley of Tears and provides an emotional dimension to every trip in the Golan Heights. This is a lesson in the history and legacy of the IDF battle that emphasizes the fighters' mental strength, the power of will, and the personal example.
Observation of the valley of tears that became the Valley of Blessing - an observation point to the valley of tears in which the severe battle of containment took place during the early days of the Yom Kippur War between the armored forces of the IDF from Battalion 77 of the 7th Brigade, against armored Syrian forces advancing into The Golan Heights As part of the Syrian attack, the area is now used for fertile farming areas that produce many different kinds of fruits of great quality and wonderful taste.
Cherry picking - between the apple orchards and the wine vineyards of Kibbutz El Rom, in the pastoral and beautiful landscape, in the clear air, at a height of 1100 meters, is the cherry orchard of self-harvesting, exactly where the heroic battle of the armored battalion was intense during the Yom Kippur War.
We will get explanations about the cherry and its growth conditions (in the plantation grow 7 different varieties of cherries), and then we will go to experience the harvest, picked up and eat straight from the trees of the various varieties.

Northeren Israel Tours

Western Galilee Treasures
Breakfast at Alto, Kibbutz Shomrat - We will open the morning with a kosher dairy meal and a fascinating lecture that tells the story of the establishment of the dairy,  the process of cheese production, an acquaintance with different cheeses and an explanation of the advantages of dairy products. The restaurant serves as a dairy, a factory store, a visitor center and an exciting and charming family-run cafe.
"Mavrhatey", Kibbutz Evron - An Ethiopian house built of land and straw, just like countless other "gogs" scattered in Ethiopian villages. "Mavrhatey" which means "My light" began  with the initiative of a special woman, Yonay Skiva, who hosts groups out of faith in the vision of bringing the hearts closer. Through the exposure of the visual and cultural languages of the Ethiopian community. Yoni is a veteran Ethiopian immigrant, group facilitator and psychodrama therapist and educator.  An unforgettable, unique and exciting experience.
Exciting sailing aboard Tornado boats, Achziv beach - strong boats equipped with a pair of powerful, high-speed engines. From Akhziv Bay through the Rosh Hanikra Islands to the border with Lebanon, including an observation point towards the city of Tzur, from the huge Rosh Hanikra cliff and the elephant's foot, back along the beautiful coastline.
Lunch at the "300 gram" restaurant, Betzet - in the heart of the banana groves, next to a granary, in a large wooden house surrounded by a courtyard, is the chef Itay Hasson's "300 gram" restaurant who fulfilled a childhood dream and opened a rustic restaurant in a Galilean atmosphere. The restaurant focuses on meat cravings, aging and smoking of high quality meat.The restaurant focuses on meat cravings, aging and smoking of high quality meat. The restaurant is Kosher LeMehadrin and offers high quality main dishes in the menu, which are the fruit of Chef Itay Hasson's imagination.
Idan fruits, Moshav Betzet - The colorful and seductive display of "Idan Fruits" includes dried fruits that you have not yet encountered."Idan Fruits" is a future empire that will bring Israel back the lost honor of the dried fruits from Turkey. The tour begins with a banana plantation where we will learn about growing bananas and various types and then to the visitors' center. We will learn about the secrets of the dried fruits, and we will be helped to a glass of flavored tea and tasting of the fruits.
Volunteering in Western Galilee 
Kishor Winery - Kerem Kishor is located in Kishorit, on the mountain range of the Western Galilee, overlooking the sea from a height of 500 meters and breathing the air of the peaks. The vineyard is treated with a moderate and flexible farming method, which is not carried out according to pre-defined uniform rules, so that the quality and quality of the grapes and wine are achieved while maintaining the soil and the environment. We are proud to be full professional partners in the process of wine production, vineyards cultivation, and the creation of spice wines, accompanied by the guidance of a team of expert consultants. The visit includes: Watching a short movie explaining life in the village, wine tastings and explanations about the wine production there. In the center there is room for free seating and an organized courtyard with chairs and breathtaking views
Ma'arag, Kfar Vradim - Ma'arag is a cultural and tourist project in the Western Galilee. The place serves as a means of integrating groups in which holds exhibitions of Artists alongside works of people with various disabilities. We offer you an experiential tour between the workshops in order to see, hear and talk with the practitioners about the social world view of the fabric. We will watch the video about the social contribution of Ma'arag, and conclude the tour at the gallery store to see the place and the beautiful dishes. What stands out is, of course, the cafe-gallery, which combines its employees with special needs, who come to the place where the best of the Galilee delicacies are served, alongside art objects made here by the rehabilitators, and are offered for sale.
The Kibbutz Dance Company (Kibbutz Ga'aton) - We invite you to visit behind the scenes of the Kibbutz Dance Company, one of the outstanding and leading bands. About 80 dancers from Israel and abroad work in the dance village, and during the tour the participants meet the story of a leading band representing Israel in the world and the story of the founder of the band, Yehudit Arnon, who passed Auschwitz and vowed that if she survives she will dance forever. During The tour we will see the band's rehearsal and meet the dancers, we will watch the film about the dance village, and we tour the village between the rehearsal rooms and the well-kept gardens. 
The Bedouin experience - Ziyad and Zada Su'ad are hosting in a tent in the yard of their home in the Bedouin community of Salameh, and give a glimpse of Bedouin life in the north of the country.Ziad, a former military man, and his charming wife Zada receive the guests with a light drink under the beautiful mulberry tree in their yard. visitors can listen to a profound and enriching lecture on the Bedouin culture in the Galilee, the life of wanderings, the connection with nature, the developed instincts, the customs of marriage, the laws, the honor of the family, the meaning of coffee, music and rhythm.
The hospitality includes, of course, herbal tea, coffee, lemonade and candy.
Southmost Agriculture
An unusual agricultural tour that takes you into the story of the most southern kibbutz in the world and is immersed in landscapes of gold, desert and sea. The tour will begin in the dining room area, which later became the "Kapot Tmarim" restaurant. The tour will be guided and accompanied by a founding member of the kibbutz. The story of Kibbutz Eilot / Terminal Yitzhak Rabin - Crossing the border to Jordan / The blossom of palm trees, The tale of Irac and how the dates were brought to the country. finally we will taste the juicy Mjhoul dates and drink a refreshing cocktail. The tour takes about two hours. September - April.
For the Environment
In west Rishon LeZion is Israel's largest ecological visitor center.An experiential center that offers fascinating tours of the world of water recycling, which operates at the heart of the largest water recycling plant in the Middle East - the Shafdan.The new visitors center is committed to expanding environmental education and instilling values of water saving and turning the nuisance into a resource under the title: "Returning to nature with love." Igudan is responsible for the collection and transfer of sewage from all over the Dan metropolitan area to the Shafdan plant, for purification and reclamation of water for agriculture in the fields of the Negev.
An interesting day trip accompanied by guidance and presentations adapted to the age of the visitor.